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Forestone Tenor Saxophones

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Forestone (Japan) Tenor Sax

£2,799.00 (£2,332.50 Excl VAT @ 20%)

General Overview

Forestone (Japan) Tenor Sax is part of our Forestone Tenor Saxophones range. Apart from Forestone (Japan) Tenor Sax you'll find a number of featured Forestone Tenor Saxophones within the department at competitive prices.

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If you are on the look out for a top quality instrument then put the new Forestone on your list; the first new Japanese saxophone maker for over 50 years. It oozes with the high level of quality we've come to expect from Japanese musical instruments. Fingers glide effortlessly across keys that feel exceptionally even, smooth and positive. Hand built by one of Japan's best saxophone gurus, Mr Watanabe Atsushi.

Forestone saxophones are treated with B.Air's DCTV method to improve the sound and resonance. This is a cryogenic process where the instrument is frozen to smooth out molecular stresses from the manufacturing process.

"My first impressions are very positive. Before I gave the sax a blow, our sax tech Colin Jones gave his technical assessment and he too was very impressed.

I confirmed what I thought when I first tried them in Frankfurt, that they produce a very uniform and rounded tone. Clearly they have been well constructed, and this translates to an instrument that’s comfortable to handle and immediately playable. The keywork is concise and the tone is well balanced, sweet and full at the same time.

The whole package is nicely presented; no mouthpiece but the player does get a Protec case, a ‘Bird Strap’, a Forestone reed and a Forestone Gold Plated Ligature, valued at around £80."

The Forestone Alto Saxophone build by the master Atsushi Watanabe fulfills highest Japanese quality standards and offers a unique sound and best manufacturing quality.
The DCTV process by B.Air improves the resonance of every single part. The new hybrid post construction, which bases on a combination of smaller ribs and single posts, gives the saxophone body a more free vibration. his causes an easier sound attack and a special colorful sound. The Forestone Saxophone is often described as a fusion of Selmer and Conn. The lacquered version has a compact and warm modern sound which can be easy modulated. A flexible all-round horn even suitable for classical music.
The Alto offers an optional jazz neck which has more core and punch compared to the classic neck.

Premium Japanese equipment is packed with the saxophone.

Try it for yourself and experience the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship.

-made in japan
-DCTV process
-Pisoni Pro Pads
-hybrid post construction
-premium Japanese equipment
-second jazz neck
-hand engraved neck and bell
-rich gold lacquer finish
-yellow brass

Even the best manufacturers only have a limited time to spend setting up each instrument at the end of production. After the final inspection, pads, springs & corks will continue to move as they ‘relax’ and settle into position. The instrument is then packed and transported, often across great distances with extreme changes in humidity & temperature giving more potential for the instrument to require adjustment. No new woodwind instrument will ever play to it’s full potential straight “out of the box.”

Here at EVERY instrument is checked & adjusted by our specialist in-house technicians when it arrives at the store. There are no time constraints to ensure that every instrument does play to it’s full potential. Then, just because we like to go that extra mile, we check and if required, adjust a second time at the point of sale so you can be confident that your new instrument meets your full expectations.

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