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Alto Saxophone Bags & Cases

Browse our range of Alto Saxophone Bags and Cases available within our Accessories Department. Our Alto Sax Cases are available at competitive prices with expert Saxophone knowledge available from our sales team who are happy to help!

  • BAM Cabine Alto Saxophone Case


    "Designed for air flight or other eventualities where case dimensions are critical; pretty much the best combination of robustness balanced agains...

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  • BAM New Trekking Alto Saxophone Case


    Ultra compact backpack case Cordura- Ballistic fabric, strong resistance to tear Thermoformed shell with expandable front pocket Neoprene back sid...

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  • BAM Softpack Alto Saxophone Case


    Its interior suspension fittings offer outstanding protection for the instrument, this attractive case has been designed to make musicians’ moveme...

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  • BAM La Defense Hightech Alto Saxophone Case (With Pocket): Brushed Aluminium


    The most advanced, high quality case around.  Manufacturers Description Inside cradle made of injected high density polyurethane foam, protecting ...

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  • BAM Classic Alto Saxophone Case


    Shaped case. Covered in strengthened, coated nylon. adjustable padded shoulder strap. Large pocket at front would fit most makes of flute case. We...

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  • BAM Trekking Alto Saxophone Case


    Backpack style saxophone case. Additional loops to attach the soprano Hip Hop case Comfortable backpack straps tuck into case. Expandable sheet mu...

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Buy Alto Saxophone Bags & Cases

When choosing a case for your sax, there are several factors to take into consideration. Firstly and most obviously- how much protection does your sax require? The only sensible answer to this is obviously ‘as much as possible’ but this is actually a point worth a bit of thought- is your sax going to only be taken to local jam sessions in the back of your car or, at the other extreme, are you going to be in a situation where you’ll have to risk putting it in the hands of airport baggage handlers? There are options which cater for all eventualities. The other issue- what else do you carry around besides your sax? Do you need space for an A4 file, a compact sax stand (K&M Saxxy or Aureum stands can be fitted into the compartments of some cases), tuners, etc- some can even accommodate a flute or clarinet in their side pockets. The amount of extra accessories that can be stored in a sax case varies from nothing whatsoever to everything and the kitchen sink.

Weight, and the way in which a case is designed to be carried (backpack straps or shoulder slung) also come into the equation. If you’re likely to need to carry your sax around in its case (or ride a bike) some are certainly more forgiving than others.