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Saxophone Mouthpieces

  • JodyJazz DV - Alto Sax Mouthpiece

    from £449.00

    What Is the DV Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece? Jody Espina has introduced the concept of Golden Section Proportions to the art of high end saxophone mo...

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  • JodyJazz DV - Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

    from £479.00

    What Is the DV Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece? Jody Espina has introduced the concept of Golden Section Proportions to the art of high end saxophone m...

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  • JodyJazz DV CHI - Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

    from £525.00

    The JodyJazz DV Chicago model silver plated metal tenor saxophone mouthpiece is the culmination of a quest by Jody Espina to make the most efficie...

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  • Yanagisawa Ebonite - Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece


    Excellent ebonite mouthpieces featuring a round chamber producing a pure tone. These ebonite models are supplied as standard with all the Yanagisa...

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  • Vandoren Jumbo Java Ebonite - Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece


    The hottest ebonite mouthpieces in the line. Designed with a small chamber, high baffle and a big bore for an increased sound impact and edgy tone...

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  • Vandoren V16 Ebonite - Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece


    A new creation from Vandoren. Ebonite mouthpiece for jazz in the tradition of the famous American tenor saxophone mouthpieces of the fifties.  Sta...

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  • Yanagisawa Metal - Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece


    Silver plated solid brass and one of our most popular models. Supplied with plastic cap and metal ligature "For me, this is one of the best metal ...

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  • Yamaha Custom Ebonite Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    Yamaha's ebonite mouthpiece seems to be designed with a classical agenda in mind; Large chambered and with a narrow tip (check the numbering syste...

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  • Lawton Metal Alto Sax Mouthpiece


    World famous mouthpieces hand made in the UK by Jason Lawton.  As you can see there is a large choice of options with a Lawton mouthpiece so you m...

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  • Selmer (Paris) Soloist Mouthpiece - Tenor Saxophone


    The new "Soloist" mouthpieces designed by Selmer-Paris have been inspired from the older "Soloist" models manufactured in the 40's. Precision tool...

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  • DAddario Select Jazz Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece


    Vintage-inspired design with modern production The Rico Jazz Select has become one of the Worlds most popular reeds used by many of today's top Jaz...

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  • JodyJazz Jet Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece


    Staff Review Jody Espina actually came to our store for us to try the Jet Tenor prior to its release. Before this, the mouthpiece market was very ...

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  • Theo Wanne Mindi Abair Custom Metal Alto Mouthpiece


    The Mindi Abair Custom Mouthpiece has been a full-on collaboration between Theo Wanne™ and Mindi Abair to make the ultimate powerhouse alto mouthp...

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  • DAddario Select Jazz Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece


    VINTAGE-INSPIRED DESIGN WITH MODERN PRODUCTION This is a very nicely centered mouthpiece, toward the brighter side of the spectrum. It has a very ...

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  • Theo Wanne DURGA 3 Metal Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    The DURGA Soprano Mouthpiece has a step baffle with added slight roll-over leading into an Inverted-Power-Ring™. The Inverted-Power-Ring™ has the ...

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  • Theo Wanne FIRE Metal Mouthpiece - Alto Saxophone


    The Theo Wanne Fire will blow your socks off! Be prepared to sizzle and scorch with this dynamic, bright and powerful mouthpiece for alto sax! Gre...

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  • Selmer Paris Gold Lacquered Mouthpiece Cap

    from £20.00

    Selmer Paris Saxophone Cap.  Clear laqcuer with a gold appearance. Works best with the Selmer Paris Ligature for Hard Rubber mouthpeices.

  • Vandoren V5 Jazz Ebonite - Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece


    Vandoren V5 series ebonite mouthpieces feature a flat baffle, small round bore, normal and jazz chambers. They are available in a variety of style...

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  • Theo Wanne New York Bros II Alto Ebonite Mouthpiece


    The New York Bros II mouthpiece has an updated baffle and floor, giving more body and fullness to the sound.  You asked us for the Holy Grail vint...

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  • DAddario Select Jazz Limited Edition Sandstone Marble Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece


    This stylish and impressive Marble finished mouthpiece produces a beautifully pure and free-blowing jazz sound The D’addario Select Jazz Marble ...

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  • 10MFAN Robusto Ebonite Tenor Mouthpiece - Generation II


    The Robusto strikes that perfect middle ground in the 10M Fan range – spread, fat, warm but with punch and sizzle when pushed! In its Generation I...

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  • Theo Wanne DURGA 4 Metal Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    We designed the DURGA 4 soprano to be the fullest sounding soprano mouthpiece ever made, and now it surpasses even the DURGA 3. We are very proud o...

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  • Theo Wanne GAIA 3 Ebonite Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    The GAIA 3 soprano mouthpiece has revolutionized the soprano world It has a modern projection, but also a full rich, fat, and robust sound only fou...

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  • Save £8.00

    Alto Beginners Setup - Yamaha 4C - Mouthpiece Upgrade Set

    Original price £81.00
    Current price £73.00

    Although made out of plastic it is great for control and response, and it has a surprisingly sweet and rounded tone for a plastic model. Of all th...

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