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We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!
We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!

Soprano Saxophone Mouthpieces

Improve your tone with a new soprano saxophone mouthpiece.  Here you will find a huge range of our favourite saxophone mouthpieces, carefully selected by our in-house team of saxophonists.  Our huge range is available to order online or test at one of our stores (Please check availability before turning up)

Our Soprano Mouthpieces are available at competitive prices with expert Saxophone knowledge available from our sales team who are happy to help!

  • Yamaha Plastic Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    Staff Review  Setting the standard for any student mouthpiece the Yamaha 4c has earned a reputation for being very much the go to, and best, choic...

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  • JodyJazz HR* - Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

    from £159.00

    A versatile, free blowing mouthpiece suitable for students and professional players Very much an 'industry standard' on soprano. A similar design ...

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  • 10MFAN Virtuoso Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece


    The Soprano Virtuoso offers a brilliant all-round flexibility, rivalling some of the best classic models on the market From the designer, Mark Sepi...

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  • Selmer Paris Concept Soprano Mouthpiece


    With the release of the alto saxophone mouthpiece the Concept range has quickly established itself as a new benchmark. Henri SELMER Paris is expan...

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  • Yamaha Custom Ebonite Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    Yamaha's ebonite mouthpiece seems to be designed with a classical agenda in mind; Large chambered and with a narrow tip (check the numbering syste...

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  • JodyJazz HR* Custom Dark - Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

    from £289.00

    The HR* Custom Dark is Jody Jazz's more traditional option, offering darker tones and a smoother more silky sound. As the soprano can sometimes be...

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  • Theo Wanne DURGA 4 Metal Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    We designed the DURGA 4 soprano to be the fullest sounding soprano mouthpiece ever made, and now it surpasses even the DURGA 3. We are very proud o...

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  • Theo Wanne GAIA 3 Ebonite Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    The GAIA 3 soprano mouthpiece has revolutionized the soprano world It has a modern projection, but also a full rich, fat, and robust sound only fou...

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  • JodyJazz DV - Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

    from £449.00

    What Is the DV Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece? Jody Espina has introduced the concept of Golden Section Proportions to the art of high end saxophone...

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  • Save £8.00

    BARI Ebonite - Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece - Ex demo

    Original price £85.00
    Current price £77.00

    This item has been on display and may be showing signs of wear. For more information please contact us at BARI ebonites have long ...

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  • Save £21.00

    Yanagisawa Metal Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone - Ex Demo

    Original price £215.00
    Current price £194.00

    This item has been on display and may be showing signs of wear. For more information please contact us at "For me, this is one of ...

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  • Sold out

    Special Offer - Theo Wanne GAIA 2 Ebonite Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone

    Original price £395.00
    Current price £356.00

    This item has been on display and may be showing signs of wear.  This Item is missing it box. For more information please contact us at info@sax.c...

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  • SYOS Custom Soprano Mouthpiece


      Due to the in-depth customisation process, all orders for SYOS mouthpieces will be redirected to the SYOS website where you can build your mouth...

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  • Lawton Metal Soprano Sax Mouthpiece


    World famous mouthpieces hand made in the UK by Jason Lawton. As you can see there is a large choice of options with a Lawton mouthpiece so you ma...

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  • Guardala Studio - Soprano Sax Mouthpiece - Silver Plated (Hand Finished)


    A soprano version of the world famous Guardala Studio mouthpiece. Manufactures by high precision CNC technology by the legendary Dave Guardala's w...

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  • Francois Louis - Sphere Chamber - Signature - Soprano Mouthpiece


    "I got a tip that his soprano mouthpieces were good, so tried out both of the available chambers – sphere and medium large. It’s true to say that ...

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  • Drake - Son of Slant - Soprano Ebonite Mouthpiece


    Here is our new Large Chamber Soprano model. The design of this mouthpiece has been modeled after the Otto Link Slant model, with a few modificati...

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  • Claude Lakey - Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece


    Claude Lakey mouthpieces deliver a full, creamy tone but with potential for a bright, percussive edge. A good choice for any player wanting projec...

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  • BARI Ebonite - Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece


    BARI ebonites have long been regarded as one of the best 'all rounders' for the soprano sax. With a warm, full tone they can acquit themselves wel...

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  • Otto Link Ebonite - Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece


    Lush tones without breaking the bank The warmest, darkest mouthpiece on the market.  Staff Reviews One of the classic designs. Rich toned, flexibl...

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  • Meyer Ebonite - Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece


    From student to virtuoso, the Meyer ebonite has been a popular mouthpiece for decades due to its exquisite playing response and affordable price t...

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  • BARI Gold - Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece


    A nicely designed open chambered, free blowing metal piece in the tradition of Otto Links. Relatively dark toned for a metal piece and pleasingly ...

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  • Otto Link Metal - Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece


    Otto Link 24k gold plated metal mouthpieces combine gleaming good looks with the rich sound quality of a larger bore rubber mouthpiece for excepti...

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  • Vandoren V5 Ebonite Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece


    Vandoren's most versatile design - with tip openings and facings covering the needs of classical players as well as those of jazz and popular musi...

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