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We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!
We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!

Rovner Ligatures

Browse our range of Rovner Ligatures available within our Ligatures Department. Our Rovner Ligatures are available at competitive prices with expert Saxophone knowledge available from our sales team who are happy to help!

  • Rovner Platinum Ligature For Ebonite Mouthpieces


    Looking more like artistic jewelry then a woodwind accessory, this new ligature utilizes Rovner's exclusive Mass Loaded TM technology featuring we...

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Buy Rovner Ligatures are leading stockists of Saxophones & Saxophone Accessories available from our online Saxophone store, and from our flagship Saxophone stores in London and Sussex. The ligature is the part of the saxophone that fixes the reed to the mouthpiece.

All mouthpieces usually come with a standard metal ligature which is very basic and offers little or no enhancement to tone production. It is vitally important that the reed is fixed as flat and securely as possible on the mouthpiece table.

The sound can be improved significantly with a good quality ligature without having to break the bank. A good ligature can also prolong the life of your reeds, as the reed remains flexible and has room to breathe.