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We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!
We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!

Yamaha YAS 62 - Custom Shop - Alto Saxophone

SKU TA0291

A modern day classic turbo charged by our head technician at

The Yamaha YAS 62 is a modern day classic that meets the demands of many professional players.

This Custom Shop model is fitted with premium Roo pads and Maestro resonators, offering a significant extra element of projection over the more traditional sound of plastic resonators. It has also been fitted with a stunning set of Velvet Red touchpieces to compliment its red felts and has benefited from a full Custom Shop Pro set-up.



• RooPads reduce pad noise

• RooPads offer a firm professional feel

• RooPads leather is the most durable

• Maestro resonators offer a 3D surface area for increased projection. We hand select the closest size resonator for each tone hole, maximising the projection level even further. Metal reflectors greatly increase the projection level compared with plastic resonators. Maestro resonators are amongst the most advanced of resonators and will help you to cut through in the most demanding situations.


• Hand-cut & engineered in our own workshops

• Multiple colour options, including beautiful two-tone swirling effects

• Flat cut for more instant playing response

• Highly polished for maximum visual impact


• Whilst being stripped for re-padding, Custom Shop saxes benefit from a hand rebuild and meticulous set-up to the highest standard

• Overall action lightened and optimised to create an effortless feeling, particularly when playing technical passages


• Hand-crafted, ergonomic alternative to the flat sided screw.  Much acoustic testing has been done when it comes to adding mass and metal to this ‘weak nodal area’ on saxophones, and it’s normally found that this increased mass helps to cure these problems, as well as add an overall layer of increased resonance to the sound.

As soon as the idea of launching a Custom Shop project came into being I immediately knew this concept would be a sure-fire winner! The possibilities are, perhaps not endless, but certainly on a level whereby you can transform your sax into something more bespoke, something more loved, something more personalised! There are a lot of great brands out there, and plenty of classic models of sax with plenty to shout about, but sometimes the finishing touches can be very generic – standard orange Pisoni pads, plastic reflectors, white key inlays, regular neck screws, and so on. We are not proposing to improve the fundamental quality and design of these classic saxes, but merely to offer alternative custom options that make the saxophone unique to you.

The first Custom Shop sax I was presented with was a YAS-62 with black Roo pads, classy gold Maestro reflectors, plus beautifully crafted swirling red pearl inlays. I was extremely excited about how the very nature of this well-known sax would change.

And sure enough, there was a noticeable change in tone, which was graded as I moved through the different dynamic ranges. At the quiet end of playing the sound had an extra depth, darkness and response. In the mid dynamic range, there was an overall added warmth and layering of the sound. And when pushing a lot of air through the sax there was some extra zing and projection on hand, undoubtedly assisted by the metal reflectors with their fancy shaped reflective surfaces. When switching back and forth between a regular YAS 62 and the customised version I realised that both versions are great, but just taking the sound in different directions – the original being more rounded and homogenous, and the custom version taking on an extra element of projection and spice.

The newly fitted red pearls, apart from looking great, are cut flat and for me gave a different technical feel from the concave ones offered by Yamaha. Of course, this is such a personal thing – many people will prefer the look and feel of traditional pearls, but equally others will be looking for something unique!

More than anything I really valued the feel of the Custom set-up. All the spring tensions had been evened out and lightened in equal measure. Some folks prefer a heavier set-up, more similar to what naturally comes straight from a manufacturer, but I love playing on light key work – it gives me the ability and confidence to tackle any technical phrases without the feeling that I’m going to come un-stuck!


All of our instruments are fully checked and set-up by our experienced technicians. Regardless of size or price - all saxophones go through the same process.   

Here at we know that when you buy a sax, our pro set up is absolutley essential to ensure the instrument you're purchasing is playing to it's optimum peformance. 

In addition, all new saxophones purchased from us can be returned within a year for a FREE checkover to make sure your saxophone continues to perform its best. 

Our 12-Step Checkover:

• All transit packing and corks from the manufacturer are removed.
• Thorough visual check for any imperfections in the finish, includes unlacquered saxophones.
• All pads checked for quality.
• All pad seatings checked using leak lights and traditional feeler paper methods.
• Regulation checked and adjusted.
• All key corks and felts checked, adjusted to set vent heights.
• All spring tensions checked and adjusted to create an even feel across the instrument.
• Neck fitting checked.
• Crook cork checked for cork quality and provided mouthpiece fits.
• Thorough playtest from top to bottom, including alternate fingerings.
• Case inspected for quality, instrument fit and accessories.
• Instrument cleaned and carefully repacked.

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