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We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!
We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!

Staff Review

The new Aizen Kurogane mouthpieces combine Aizen's very popular designs with a newly a developed material creating a unique range of mouthpieces. This new Kurogane material is based off of their vintage style resin and incorporates a blend of 64 different metals, with Titanium being the dominant material. The mouthpiece design is exactly the same as the hugely popular alto NY model and has a broad sonorous sound with an extra bit of brightness compared to regular stuffy Meyer designs. The Kurogane version offers up an extra bit of projection and cut to the sound, giving the mouthpiece a stronger, bolder sound, more like you would expect from a metal mouthpiece but in the comfortable package of ebonite. I can imagine this mouthpiece being useful in a variety of situations, be it amplified quartets to big bands, where your sound needs that extra boost to make yourself heard but without sacrificing the tone colour. 

Manufacturers Description

Bushido -€ the Way of the Samurai -€ is right at the heart of Japan. There’s an old saying in Japan, handed down the ages, that a samurai’s sword is a samurai’s soul. 

The samurai sword is designed for ultimate efficiency. There’s not a single ounce or inch of it that doesn’t do its job. The blade, with steel tempered time and time again, isn’t just a masterpiece of functionality -€ it’s an exquisite work of art in its own right.

Crafted by the hand of a master swordsmith, the steel takes on a beautiful pattern. It sparkles like the stars in the autumn sky, they say, or like the Milky Way. That’s how the swordsmiths put it, and we know that they’re intent on creating this sword as a thing of beauty.

Aizen’s “Kurogane” series follows in the footsteps of these masters. We’re equally committed to making works of art that look just as good as they sound.

The first generation of samurai swordsmiths in Japan worked through a process of trial and error, or so the story goes. They had to find the right materials and discover the right processes to make a sword that would stand the test of combat on the battlefield. At Aizen we were equally demanding of ourselves.

We mixed and matched hundreds of patterns to achieve the sound we were looking for. We pushed ourselves through countless manufacturing trials.

And we finally got there. We’ve achieved a totally unprecedented sound and an unmatched beauty, blending 64 different metals, with titanium the dominant one, delicately balanced with our unique in-house resin.

Compared to normal vintage resins, Kurogane material is very powerful and gives great projection. The sound is dense and rich -€ it’s a really fat sound, combining a nice softness with just the right amount of edge. We think we’ve achieved a very rare and beautiful sound.

When light hits off it, it sparkles like the stars of the Milky Way, which give this mouthpiece an unquie look.

When we work on Kurogane mouthpiece, it actually wear my diamond tooling away. Making them is a labor of time, and we craft them one by one. Therefore, we need some time to produce Kurogane mouthpieces.

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