Theo Wanne Shiva 3 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone

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Theo's most energetic mouthpiece just got an upgrade... By building on the success of previous models, the Theo Wanne Shiva 3 soprano sax mouthpiece is the must-have mouthpiece of Rock n' Roll and R&B musicians.

Crafted from quality brass and then plated in 24K gold, the Shiva 3 mouthpiece is sure to be the jewel of your saxophone. The addition of the proprietary "Shark Gill" chamber will enhance projection while adding a hint of edge to your tone.

Reminescent of vintage Selmer Soloist mouthpieces, the Shiva 3 boasts a small chamber. And when combined with the uniquely shaped long step baffle, the Shiva 3 produces a sensational tone which is almost flirtatious by nature. Looking for a mouthpiece that can shatter glass and knock down walls? Then the Shiva 3 is for you.

Extraordinary construction

Similar to all other Theo Wanne mouthpiece, the Shiva 3 soprano sax mouthpiece is manufactured using advanced machining techniques to ensure every mouthpiece is exactly the same. The small proprietary 'Shark Gill' chamber is the same size as the bore producing a core sound with plenty of power. Like other professional mouthpieces, the Shiva 3 is crafted from high-quality brass to ensure the best possible quality. Once the Shiva 3 has been finished, it is professionally plated with 24K gold with a reticulated finish to enhance airflow. The logo has special highlights for a truly luxurious finish.

The Shiva 3 design

The Theo Wanne Shiva 3 soprano mouthpiece is a professional mouthpiece for saxophonists that require a powerful sound. The tip range on the Shiva 3 metal mouthpieces span from 6 to 9 depending on how big and wide you want the tone to go, but obviously at the expense of greater effort as you go up the scale. A large tip is recommended if you require a plenty of resistance essential for producing the large sound required for a Rock n' Roll tone. These larger tips hold good intonation and only requires a small amount of effort to bend notes when required.

Included accessories

The Theo Wanne Shiva 3 soprano saxophone mouthpiece includes everything you need to look after the mouthpiece. The included beautiful leatherette case will ensure that the mouthpiece is always protected when travelling. The integrated two-point contact 24K gold plated Liberty Ligature makes sure the reed is always held securely. The Shiva 3 also includes a reed replacer cap and user replaceable bite pads. Every Theo Wanne mouthpiece is supplied with a unique serial number.

About Theo Wanne

Theo Wanne is a modern expert on new and vintage woodwind mouthpiece design. Theo became a saxophone repair technician over 20 years ago under the direction of master refacer Bob Carpenter - a pioneer of mouthpiece refacing and repairs. Theo soon gained a reputation within the saxophone world and in 1998 opened Saxophone Mouthpiece Heaven which is his very own music store and knowledge database.

In 2007 Theo started to design and manufacture his own line of mouthpieces and saxophones, working with famous musicians such as Joshua Redman, Chris Potter, and Eric Alexander. Theo is constantly studying and innovating his designs to ensure his mouthpieces allow musicians to create their best tone as easily as possible. Theo Wanne now has a reputation for crafting some of the best saxophone mouthpieces by using the world's most advanced manufacturing techniques.


  • Proprietary 'Shark Gill' Small Chamber
  • Step & Roll-Over Baffle
  • Liberty Ligature
  • Professional Grade Gold Plated Brass


Saxophone Setup

All of our instruments are fully checked and set-up by our experienced technicians. Regardless of size or price - all saxophones go through the same process.   Here at we know that when you buy a sax, our pro set up is absolutley essential to ensure the instrument you're purchasing is playing to it's optimum peformance. 

In addition, all new saxophones purchased from us can be returned within a year for a FREE checkover to make sure your saxophone continues to perform its best. 

Our 12-Step Checkover:

• All transit packing and corks from the manufacturer are removed.
• Thorough visual check for any imperfections in the finish, includes unlacquered saxophones.
• All pads checked for quality.
• All pad seatings checked using leak lights and traditional feeler paper methods.
• Regulation checked and adjusted.
• All key corks and felts checked, adjusted to set vent heights.
• All spring tensions checked and adjusted to create an even feel across the instrument.
• Neck fitting checked.
• Crook cork checked for cork quality and provided mouthpiece fits.
• Thorough play-test from top to bottom, including alternate fingerings.
• Case inspected for quality, instrument fit and accessories.
• Instrument cleaned and carefully repacked.

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