Looking to buy your first Jazz Mouthpiece but feeling a bit daunted by the huge range of options available to you? We at Sax.co.uk have picked out a range of beginner Jazz mouthpieces, for Tenor Saxophone, that are accessible, fun to play on and won’t break the bank. Each mouthpiece plays a little differently but all are of comparable quality and should really help to build up your Jazz chops!


The Otto Link Tone Edge is a great place to get started; textured with a strong central core, flexible but still nicely controllable! Variations of this mouthpiece have been used since Giants like Stan Getz were serenading people with Bossa Nova smoothness, all the way through to guys like Chris Potter using it to melt some faces with monstrous chops!

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The Select Jazz is a much brighter and more focused piece, if you are looking for a more contemporary edge to your sound give this mouthpiece a go. This mouthpiece is also completely CNC’d, there is no hand finishing on the internal walls, meaning should you loose or break your D’Addario you can buy another one straight off our website and it will play identically – a real bonus for the more accident-prone player.

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The V16 comes in two different chambers, medium and large. Both have a great core sound to them and sit on the darker side of the spectrum, these are very easy blowing and controllable pieces. The larger chamber V16 is a little darker and slightly more resistive, I found myself dropping down a half step in reed strength to get truly comfortable on it.

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Jody Espina produces high quality mouthpieces using a small team based in Savannah, Georgia. His Jody Jazz HR* is the darkest and most textured of the mouthpieces that I played, projecting quite significantly with a much more spread voice. While you can certainly brighten this piece up by pushing more air through it, really it sits most comfortably when played a little more laid back.

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February 09, 2021 — Michael Leopold Weber