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Tenor Saxophone Necks

Browse our range of Tenor Sax Necks available within our accessories department. Our Tenor Sax Necks are available at competitive prices with expert Saxophone knowledge available from our sales team who are happy to help! Enhance or change your sound with a new saxophone neck
  • Yanagisawa TWO1 Brass Tenor Neck


    Standard Yanagisawa brass neck as supplied with the TWO1

  • Selmer Paris Series III Tenor Neck - Gold Lacquer


    Replacement neck for Selmer Seires III tenor saxophone

  • Save £124.92

    Selmer SA80 Series II Tenor Neck - Gold Lacquer

    Original price £471.92
    Current price £347.00

    Gold lacquered handmade Selmer SA80 Series II tenor neck

  • Selmer Tenor Saxophone Sterling Solid Silver Neck


    Three different models now available for Series III, Reference 36 and Reference 54. The Reference models are designed specifically for their res...

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  • Selmer (Paris) Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone Neck


    This crook sits a little lower and is a significant factor in making the Reference 54 sound like an old Mark 6. Fits straight onto Yamaha 62...

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  • P Mauriat Magnum Neck for Tenor Sax


    Mauriat's new Magnum nickel silver crook gives a completely new personality to their flagship 66R horns. The nickel silver contains a high copper ...

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  • P Mauriat Super Jazz VI Neck for Tenor Saxophone

    from £419.00

    The saxophone neck affects everything about the saxophones performance; tone, response and intonation. The Super Jazz neck, shaped much like the M...

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  • Yanagisawa 65 Brass Tenor Saxophone Neck


    Reviews: "I found the tone on this crook a lot fuller and more open than the 64. It seemed similar to the standard 991 crook, but with a tad more b...

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  • Yanagisawa TWO20 Bronze Tenor Saxophone Neck


    Bronze crook for Yanagisawa Tenor Saxophones (YNTWO20)

  • Yanagisawa 100 Gold Plated Brass Tenor Saxophone Neck


    Enhance your Yani tenor with a beautiful gold plated crook. Customise your Yani tenor with an exotic unlacquered GOLD PLATED neck!

  • Yanagisawa 192 Gold Plated Bronze Tenor Saxophone Neck


    This is Jim & Tristan's favourite. More open so less resistant allowing more air to flow through the sax. More resonant and more respons...

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  • Yanagisawa 192 Pink-Gold Plated Bronze Tenor Saxophone Neck


    80% gold and 20% silver creates this gorgeous "pink" plating on a solid brass neck. More open so less resistant allowing more air to flow through ...

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  • Yamaha Custom V1 Tenor Sax Neck - Large Bore - Gold Lacquer


    The Custom V1 saxophone neck is the largest bore the Yamaha line. This makes it free-blowing and extremely flexible, giving a player a wider...

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