Atlantic London - The Duke - Unlacquered - Tenor Saxophone


This highly acclaimed flagship model from Atlantic London offers outstanding craftsmanship at an affordable price for a boutique, custom-made saxophone

We're very excited here at SAX to be offering the flagship, professional line of saxophones from Atlantic London.  These stunning instruments are available in cognac and unlacquered finishes and combine a unique array of aesthetics, a powerful sound and a superior playing experience.


The Duke is made from a high-quality brass, and features a RESO+ neck, rolled tone holes, ribbed body construction, and an enlarged bell.  The resulting sound is one of warmth, a huge core, and an abundance of power.  Perfect for the demands of the modern sax player where one minute you may wish to blend in and the next cut through with power and authority.


The key ergonomics have been designed with familiarity in mind and vere towards more of a compact set-up, with closely arranged palm key clusters and easily accessible table keys.  The key work has been manufactured with low tolerances in mind, offering the player a secure and robust set-up that will hold up to scrutiny over time.  

A very important aspect in the presentation of these instruments is to have great playability.  Atlantic have created a key-action that is smooth, consistent and relatively light throughout, giving an effortless playing experience.

In a nod towards Conn saxophones, the Duke features low Bb/B, C and Eb wire-style keyguards.  In a similar vein the octave key incorporates the same design, giving the sax a unique visual identity.

The choice of unlacquered or cognac finishes again makes the instrument contrast with the vast array of standard lacquer saxes on the market.   But what really gives these saxes a distinct visual identity is their impressive engraving, featuring a hybrid traditional/art-deco style design.  This work is completed by hand, courtesy of the factory's master engraver.


The Duke is provided as a package that includes an abundance of high quality bespoke accessories and extras.  These include:

Premium shaped case with stylish two-tone finish
 SYOS mouthpiece and Ligature - custom design model
 Brown Leather padded strap - brass hook and wide adjuster
 Silverstein Omnicap
Bespoke metal end cap
• Padded shoulder straps for the case

ATLANTIC LONDON was set up by Jamie Straker in 2018.  As one of the Directors at SAX he was well placed to set up a team of experienced players and technicians based in London and, with this enhanced level of expertise, design a saxophone that would be superb on every level.  Pairing up with a factory that offers quality products as standard and who were willing to experiment with various design parameters, the team were able to create a range of saxophones that stood out from the crowd and offer something different from many of the other professional brands on the market.

In designing these instruments, the team wished to draw inspiration from some of the classic saxophones in our history - Conn in the USA and Selmer Paris in Europe, hence the name 'Atlantic' as a means to connect these great innovators of the past and present.


 Material: High-Quality Brass

 Finish: Unlacquered

 Key Touches: Grade A Mother of Pearl

 Neck: Atlantic London Reso+

 Case: Atlantic London Fly Light Case

 Mouthpiece: Custom SYOS Atlantic London (7 Tip Opening)

 Made in: Custom built in Taiwan - Designed & Set up in London

 Free professional setup and free check over within a year

 Recommended For: Professionals & Advancing players looking for 


I've always been a fan of vintage-inspired modern saxes, especially when they are well-conceived and offer the kind of playing experience that inspires and excites.  That's the feeling I have with this first range of instruments from Atlantic.  Over the past few years, whilst this brand and its models have been developing, I have been bearing witness from the sidelines with interest.  Even though I have given space to Jamie and his team during this time, allowing them to develop the instruments according to their own criteria, my one request was to have a sax that has great playability.  You want to be able to pick up the sax and just let it play, without having to do battle with the key action to make it respond properly!  Well on this front I have to say that I'm delighted with the smooth, light and even action.  This allows me to get straight on with the music and enjoy the tone that is being produced - and boy, what a tone!  Big, powerful, plenty of breadth and core.

Coupled with a great tone and playability I also love the look of these horns!  The key guards look cool and give off a vintage vibe that you don't see on any other modern sax.  The cognac lacquer looks great and makes the engraving jump out at you - but equally, the unlacquered finish looks amazing.  If anything, I found that the UL finish gives off a slightly freer and more open sound.

I also appreciate the fact that all the extra details have been taken care of - even down to things like providing a high-quality metal end cap!  Sounds trivial, but you immediately notice it when opening the case, and all these details feed through to an overall sense of fulfillment.  Included in this is the inclusion of a SYOS mouthpiece - the black and white colour scheme looks fab in contrast to the sax, but they also blow well and complement the tone of the saxes.  Okay, it's true to say that a good deal of players will choose to use their own mouthpiece, but it's worth noting that this SYOS piece is no throw-away mouthpiece.  I particularly like the tone on the alto - it stacks up well against my trusted Meyer!

Jim Cheek



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Meticulously curated by a master engraver, the hand engraving is a sight to behold. Its intricate art-deco motifs adorn the bell and bow, capturing the very essence of the Atlantic signature style. Complementing this elegance are wire key guards, expertly crafted for both security and a dash of personal flair.

The instrument is further enhanced with a lavish amber lacquer, exuding opulence in every detail. For those yearning for a vintage touch, there's an option for an unlacquered finish, adding to the allure of this exquisite new collection.

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Jim delves into the depths of this stunning new saxophone!

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Nigel Mcgill Reviews "The Duke Tenor"

Nigel’s diverse career has seen him perform with symphony orchestras, perform thousands of shows around the world with jazz ensembles, lead shows for tours around Europe, and even manage one of the most well known big bands in England. Nigel’s saxophone can also be heard on movies and many television shows including the hit USA series “24” and “Bones”.

Reso+ neck

The Atlantic Reso+ neck plays a crucial role in shaping the instrument's unique sound characteristics. Every contour and bore measurement is meticulously considered to enhance resonance and projection, allowing for a rich and dynamic tonal range.


Atlantic London Fly Light Case
Premium contoured hard case

SYOS Atlantic London Mouthpiece & Ligature
Bespoke design made to compliment the instrument

Atlantic London Belgravia Leather Neck Strap
Comfortable & Stylish strap

Metal End Bung

Silverstein Omnicap


All of our instruments are fully checked and set-up by our experienced technicians. Regardless of size or price - all saxophones go through the same process.  Here at SAX, we know that when you buy an instrument, our pro set up is absolutely essential to ensure the instrument you're purchasing is playing to it's optimum performance. 

Furthermore, we offer an exclusive benefit to our customers. Any new saxophone purchased from us can be returned within a year for a FREE checkover to make sure your saxophone continues to perform its best. 



We have decades of experience as a saxophone specialist, thoroughly testing all our products and using highly skilled technicians to professionally set up every instrument that leaves the building.

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