Sakkusu Straight Alto Saxophone - Gold Lacquer

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Stand out from the crowd with this head turning, affordable Straight Alto Saxophone!

Completing the Sakkusu range in the most dramatic of styles is this extraordinary Straight Alto Sax. It is a rarity to be able to find a modern-production straight tenor sax these days, let alone an affordable one, and so we took the opportunity to fill this gap in the market!

This Sakkusu straight alto represents incredible value for money; the build quality is solid, the key ergonomics are well designed and comfortable, the intonation is reliable, and the tone is warm and full-bodied. Comes equipped with a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece and ligature. The range is identical to that of a regular alto sax – just be prepared for a good deal of the sound to come out around your knees! 


Material: Brass

Finish: Clear Lacquer

Key Touches: Simulated Mother of Pearl

Neck: Sakkusu

Engraving: Basic floral pattern

Case: Oblong hard-board case

Mouthpiece: Yamaha 4C

Made in: China

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Recommended for: Keen amateurs/curious professionals


Staff Review

It’s such a rarity to get the opportunity to be able to play on a straight alto or tenor, and the fact that this instrument is priced in the student market means that people looking to involve themselves with the quirkier end of the saxophone spectrum will be extremely interested in this horn! But on to the way it performs and plays. One of the main criteria that I wanted to mark it on was the intonation – I have tried one or two straight

tenors/altos in the past and they had some intonation faults, particularly around notes below the ‘bow’ section. However, I was pleased to find that there were no such issues here. In fact, I would even go on to say that the tuning scale was extremely even throughout the entire range. The second area that I wanted to judge it against was the physicality of playing the instrument. The feeling of playing a straight alto or tenor is quite different from that of their straight cousins – the centre of gravity is in a different place and therefore the balance takes some adjusting to. I found that this sax felt more comfortable than I was initially expecting it to be; when standing up, the lower part of the sax naturally wants to tilt in towards your knees (or ankles, depending on your height!), and this in itself is fine once you get used to this idea. When sitting down, the sax naturally balances on your right thigh and feels reasonably comfortable in this position.

Tone-wise, this sax is typical of our best Sakkusu student altos; warm and full bodied. One thing to note though, its straight design removes some of the snap and immediate feeling of power that you get with a regular alto. For me it just goes to prove that the sound waves within a regular alto are amplified and ‘brightened’ when hitting the floor of the sax and coming up through the bell again. Whereas this straight-through design rather leans more to a sonorous horn-type sound.

All in all, a great piece of kit, and for the money, it’s a bargain! Jim Cheek

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