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Soprano Saxophone Mouthpieces

A Soprano Mouthpiece is made in different colour and materials from ebonite, rubber, plastic and metal. They are typically played with a soprano saxophone. Each material has unique features that can influence the level of your performance. Some mouthpieces produce a soft sound that is suitable for a jazz player and some metal mouthpieces deliver a darker sound.

The otto link ebonite mouthpiece is rich toned, flexible- ideal for most forms of jazz and blues playing. Selmer S80 offers Good acoustic qualities, rich sound and precision. Browse our mouthpieces for sale below.

  • Rousseau Ebonite Studio Jazz Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    A great jazz/funk piece with a rich core tone with a little extra bite E. Rousseau’s mouthpieces have gained a lot of popularity in the US and hav...

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  • Rousseau Ebonite Classic Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    The E. Rousseau Classic Ebonite Models are designed to meet the needs of the classical performer. They provide a warm centered tone, positive resp...

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  • Rousseau Ebonite New Classic Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    The E. Rousseau New Classic ebonite mouthpiece was developed to complement the highly successful ‘R’ series. It has been designed with an entirely...

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  • Aizen LS Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    " the spirit of the legendary Florida Link Slant mouthpieces" We're extremely proud of the way the AIZEN LS m...

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  • Aizen SO Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    " the spirit of the much sought after original Selmer Soloist mouthpieces" With its smooth flow and outstanding respons...

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  • Yamaha Custom Ebonite Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    Yamaha's ebonite mouthpiece seems to be designed with a classical agenda in mind; Large chambered and with a narrow tip (check the numbering syste...

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  • Yanagisawa Ebonite Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    A classic mouthpiece particularly suited to classical and smooth jazz playing The Yanagisawa mouthpieces have been around a while are now consider...

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  • Yanagisawa Metal Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    "For me, this is one of the best metal mouthpieces. It delivers all the qualities that you'd expect from a metal mouthpiece, such as power, projec...

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  • Theo Wanne GAIA 2 Ebonite Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    "Before you even get your chops on this mouthpiece you can see it's something special, with its gold insignia on the back, complete with the new E...

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  • Drake - New Era - Soprano Ebonite Mouthpiece


    A high quality mouthpiece suitable for all styles of music. The New Era soprano mouthpiece is the latest piece out from the renowned mouthpiece ma...

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  • Theo Wanne DURGA 3 Metal Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    The DURGA Soprano Mouthpiece has a step baffle with added slight roll-over leading into an Inverted-Power-Ring™. The Inverted-Power-Ring™ has the ...

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  • Theo Wanne Shiva 3 Metal Mouthpiece - Soprano Saxophone


    Experience unlimited power! Theo's most energetic mouthpiece just got an upgrade... By building on the success of previous models, the Theo Wanne S...

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  • JodyJazz SuperJet Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece


    The SUPER JET is a Silver-Plated Brass Mouthpiece developed specifically with the Smooth Jazz, Rock and Funk player in mind.  Description Jody Esp...

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  • Chedeville RC Soprano Sax Mouthpiece


    Chedeville... does it ring a bell...? Remember that once great Parisian mouthpiece producer? Well Charles Chedeville's company has been revitalize...

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  • Sold out

    SYOS Soprano Mouthpiece


    €15 EURO DISCOUNT Use: SAXCO4SYOS Due to the in-depth customisation process, all orders for SYOS mouthpieces will be redirected to the SYOS websit...

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  • Francois Louis - Sphere Chamber - Signature - Soprano Mouthpiece


    "I got a tip that his soprano mouthpieces were good, so tried out both of the available chambers – sphere and medium large. It’s true to say that ...

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Buy Soprano Mouthpieces are leading stockists of Saxophones & Saxophone Accessories available from our online Saxophone store, and from our flagship Saxophone stores in London and Sussex.

Browse our range of Soprano Mouthpieces available within our Soprano Mouthpieces Department. Our Soprano Mouthpieces are available at competitive prices with expert Saxophone knowledge available from our sales team who are happy to help!

One of the best ways to improve the tone and playability of your sax is to upgrade the mouthpiece, ligature and reed set-up. Here at we have a huge range of our favorite saxophone mouthpieces, carefully selected by our in-house team of saxophonists.  Our huge range is available to order online or test at one of our stores (Please check availability before turning up)