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Here at SAX, we carefully choose each saxophone with the help of our team of saxophone experts to make sure you buy a great instrument that won't hold back your saxophone learning journey or cause you to spend money on something you can't use.

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With every saxophone we offer, you receive:

- High-quality materials and build. This ensures durability and good sound resonance.

- A durable finish to protect the saxophone's body from corrosion and wear.

- High quality keywork to facilitate ease of play for beginners. Smooth and responsive key mechanisms are essential.

- Ergonomic key placement and comfortable hand positioning to reduce strain on beginners' fingers and hands.

- A nice case and mouthpiece - This ensures the safety of your saxophone and enhances its functionality and sonic capabilities, contributing to a more enjoyable and rewarding playing experience.

- Regardless of price, every saxophone bought from us is professionally set up by our in-house saxophone technicians.


What Size Should I start on?

Saxophones come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the extremely small and high pitched Soprillo right through to the behemoth that is the Contrabass.  When looking at our first sax however, we really want to be focusing on the Alto or Tenor Saxophone.


It all depends on yourself. Students horns, no matter the quality, are not designed to last forever. They will need upgrading at some stage. If you are looking for a saxophone to last you forever, or want something very special, you can go straight in with a professional horn and have just as much fun learning and discovering!


A question often fielded in store is “what does my money get me?” and much like everything in life, the more money you spend, the better the piece of equipment you will get. When you start on your saxophone journey, it is hard to tell the quality of the horn you are playing, as you won’t have a frame of reference. It is also hard to ascertain whether the initial issues with intonation (keeping the horn in tune) and playability are down to yourself or the horn, so it’s best to get a horn that you can be sure is playing optimally. Here at we only sell horns we are 100% happy and proud of, horns we are willing to put our reputation on and send across the world. All our horns go through a rigorous set up when they arrive to us and when they leave, so we can guarantee the horns play! 

Is the saxophone hard to play?

Learning the saxophone is an exciting journey, and it's more accessible than you might think! With some dedication, the guidance of a skilled teacher and good quality equipment, you can quickly develop the skills needed for playing beautiful melodies and even more complex pieces. It's a rewarding and enjoyable instrument to master.

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