During the set-up process for our store EMEO there were several hiccups that prevented me from getting going, so I just wish to pass on my findings here during this blog in the hope that I can make things a little smoother for you.  I received a great, personalised service from the main developer at Respiro, a Mr Rudy Verpaele (, and learned the following information:

  1. Firstly, the general advice is that the associated Respiro software will operate more optimally on Apple Mac over and above Windows-based systems.   We’re not saying that things won’t work on Windows, just that the processing and midi-port handling on Apple comes into its own here and will serve you slightly better.

  2. Linked to this, the Bluetooth connection is currently only configured to operate with IOS devices – so we’re talking iPhones and iPads.

  3. If your first endeavour is to connect via Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad, firstly search for Respiro in the App store.  The Respiro App is a basic version of what you get when you do the full download of the free Respiro softwfow are on your computer, and on first glance offers just six sounds.  However, there is the facility to then import the full bank of sounds into your phone or tablet (beyond the initial six that you get in the App) from the full version of Respiro that is offered as a free download with your purchase.

  4. When trying to make a sound using the basic App through your phone, make sure you go to the Audio and Midi settings menu on the top right on your screen and touch the ‘Bluetooth MIDI’ option.  This will take you to a ‘Bluetooth Midi Devices’ screen.  Hold the ‘EMEO-2.02’ with your finger while blowing down the EMEO.  This should then connect your instrument and you are good to go!

  5. For obtaining your Respiro licence you need to click on the link provided to you via email, enter the serial number of your EMEO and you will receive a licence key via email, unlocking the download on your computer.  At this point you realise that you are dealing with a human-being and you can easily fire-off further questions to Rudy should you run into difficulty!

  6. When connecting via the data cable to your computer it is advised to keep your device on permanent charge otherwise the EMEO draws too much power and will not be able to operate

  7. When opening Respiro in Windows don’t double click the Respiro App or TWO versions will open – you may not be aware of it, but the first one will make the connections, meanwhile you will be pointlessly trying to make the second one work but to no avail.  However, no such issue on Macs!

  8. The first time you open Respiro and make the connection (you must initially go into the settings and check the Arduino option – basically the power source for the EMEO) it is advised to close down Respiro and re-open it.  Then it should work!  This was the case for me, so please take note of this step.  I actually found I had to do this on subsequent sessions too!

  9. My final tip would be to not use Bluetooth headphones when connecting
    the EMEO via Bluetooth mode.  I have not tried doing this, but I have been warned of latency issues – essentially you have Bluetooth going in to the phone and then back out again to the headphones.  Without knowing the technical side to this there is too much Bluetooth going on and it just can’t handle it!  I guess the solution would be to use regular headphones and connect via an adapter if you have a more recent iPhone!

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March 14, 2022 — Jim Cheek