D'Addario Organic Select Jazz - Tenor Saxophone Reeds - Box of 5


Ideal for Jazz, Rock & Pop

The D'Addario Select Jazz cut features a strong, well-defined heart and longer vamp, yielding unprecedented projection and a clear, fat tone, with unsurpassed flexibility and lightning-fast response. Available with or without a French file. 

Select Jazz reeds feature the thickest spine and blank of D'Addario's jazz reeds with a traditional tip shape. The Select Jazz cut offers great projection, focus, and a dark sound. They are available in both filed and unfiled models. Offered in third strengths, as opposed to half strengths, players can choose the most precise strength for their individual equipment.

“I am very much in admiration of what D’Addario has been doing here with the introduction of ‘Organic’ certified reeds.  I sincerely hope that this move will have a ripple effect within our industry such that we all take collective responsibility for reducing waste and using more sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods that put our planet first.  For those players who may be of the belief that the reeds have somehow changed let me reassure you that D’Addario has been making them like this for some years now, it’s just taken this long to get the certification!  Nothing has changed.”  Jim Cheek

Filed Vs Unfiled 

A reed that goes through one additional cutting process that removes bark from the reed’s shoulders. This allows for faster vibration. This style of reed tends to pair well with darker mouthpieces such as Otto Links, Meyers, Vandoren V16's, or Jody Jazz HR*s.

A reed is unfiled when bark from the reed’s shoulders remains intact. Many players enjoy the added resistance of this additional material. This style of reed tends to pair well with brighter mouthpieces such as Jody Jazz DVs or Jets, Theo Wanne Durgas, or Vandoren Jumbo Javas. 


Staff Review

"Cut specifically to play jazz, D'addario Jazz Select are bright & fast responding. They are available with or without French filing- this in itself is a bit of a can of worms; the filed version is somewhat brighter & subtone more strongly whereas there’s slightly more ‘fatness’ of tone to the unfiled. The difference is relatively small with the majority of setups but we have noticed it becomes more pronounced with narrow beaked metal mouthpieces- For example, we’ve noticed that Jody Jazz DV mouthpieces seem to produce a noticeably cleaner response and are less prone to squeaks with the unfiled. It is worth noting that the quality control & consistency of these reeds is also extremely good. Watch out for the different strength numbering system". - Julian Lawrence (jules@sax.co.uk)

100% Certified Organic reeds

D’Addario Woodwinds has announced the world’s ­first and only 100% Certified Organic reeds for saxophone and clarinet. The new D’Addario Organics brand is a promise that no pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, or synthetic fertilizers are ever used in the growing, cultivating, sanitizing, or manufacturing processes. Now, D’Addario can offer a reed with unparalleled consistency and tonal quality that is also 100% Certified Organic, providing the highest level of comfort for players, educators, students, and their parents.

“When I took charge of the D’Addario family plantation in 2008, I immediately began transitioning the plantations to an organic process”, says Philippe Weibel, France Operations Manager. “This approach was a natural instinct for me; why not push further towards an organic product that is even more respectful to the environment and human beings?”

As part of this evolution, D’Addario has also removed the traditional plastic reed holders, moving instead to a renewable paper version which will eliminate more than 30,000 kilos of plastic waste each year. Reeds are now individually wrapped in a recyclable wrapper to ensure each reed is sanitary and securely protected from environmental elements. D’Addario’s Certified Organic reeds will first be available across their Reserve and Select Jazz lines in Europe, with the entirety of their cane reed portfolio being fully transitioned across the world by 2025.

 “The D’Addario family business has been built on a combination of innovation and social responsibility,” says Chief Innovation Officer, Jim D’Addario. “About seven years ago, I challenged our woodwinds team, particularly the agricultural staff that maintains our cane plantations, to convert all our growing and manufacturing processes to 100% Certi­fied Organic practices. We have received and currently maintain official certi­fications across all facilities and processes and have ensured that the quality and consistency of our products have not experienced any negative side effects. If anything, we have improved the consistency of our cutting process and strength sorting capabilities.

Transitioning the entire portfolio of cane reeds to Certi­fied Organic is the next step in D’Addario’s commitment to being better stewards of the environment while providing players with the highest quality product possible. In short, these new organic reeds demonstrate D’Addario’s respect for both the player and the planet.

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100% Organic Reeds

The New Natural starts here. No chemicals, no pesticides, no synthetic fertilisers. D'addario have taken there pursuit of incomparable consistency and unmatched playability further than ever before— finally, a reed that respects the player as much as the planet.


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