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We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!
We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!

Theo Wanne Water ART Mouthpiece - Alto Saxophone


Get yourself a super affordable Theo Wanne Mouthpiece!  

With the Water ART mouthpiece, you will find a rich beautiful core to the sound. Theo credits this to the unique small chamber/throat design, that compresses the airstream without pinching it like other small chamber mouthpieces.

The Shark-Gill™ Baffle developed by Theo is also very unique. It both channels and disrupts the airstream at the same time. This is similar to the flow of water over a shark’s skin allowing it to travel faster. The air fills up the full volume of the small chamber/throat more efficiently.

The WATER comes only in size 3 (or 0.061”) which is roughly the same as a Selmer C*


Made In: USA

Chamber: Small

Baffle: Shark-Gill™

Ligature: Included

Ligature Sizing

Should you want to purchase a different ligature to the one included with this mouthpiece, please be aware that the Theo Wanne Water is a lot slimmer than other plastic alto mouthpieces. Because of this, you will want to choose a ligature designed to fit metal alto mouthpieces (such as a Rovner "1M" or Francois Louis "Small")

Staff Review

On first glance, you may interpret this to be a classical mouthpiece, due to its fixed small tip opening.  But having tried it and having had conversations with Theo about it I actually think this mouthpiece has a greater potential than just playing in this genre.  It is possible to produce quite a full and jazzy sound with a very Cannonball-esque tonality going on, and due to the mouthpiece being incredibly responsive (like all Theo's pieces) the sound comes very easily.  It's true that this mouthpiece won't give you enough power and volume that you'd need if you were leading a Big Band section, for example, but I think it could act as a great school or concert band upgrade piece from the stock mouthpiece that comes with most beginners saxes.  Despite the low price point it still oozes with quality and that trademark 'core' sound that you get with ANY Theo piece.  Fantastic news that Theo is getting into this market and what brilliant value for money this new Water offers!

Jim Cheek


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