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We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!
We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!

Vent Vine by Key Leaves - Tenor Sax

SKU TA2928

Please contact if you cannot see your model listed or want to check your sax is compatible.

Prevent pad rot and keep your saxophone cleaner with Key Leaves Vent Vine!

Look at your saxophone and notice how all pads above the left hand are closed after you play. That traps wet bacteria against the pads and tone holes to rot. That nastiness in the sax also drips down onto the left hand keys making them sticky. 

- Totally prevent palm key sticking from High D and up

- Reduce rot and metal corrosion on your sax tone holes

- Premium daily care or long-term storage

- Safe on all finishes, Soft-touch Nylon

- Designed & Made in U.S.A by saxophonists

- Add a GapCap for increased air flow from the top and sides

- Our patented technology safely open the pads from Palm High D and up so they air dry clean and pad leather stays soft and healthy.

The Vent Vine is a favorite care tool of classical saxophone master Timothy McAllister, studio pro David Halliday, L.A. Philharmonic saxophonist Chika Inoue, saxophone repair specialist Brennan Lagan, and many more

Please note: Vent Vines are sized to fit your unique model of Alto or Tenor saxophone. Vent Vine extends pad life but will not resurrect dead pads. Replace torn, moldy or rotten pads before use for best results. PAD NOTICE: Your sax must have resonators or rivets in the pads from high D up to be compatible with this product.

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