Cloudvocal FlashTrack DSP Microphone


An effortless, top-notch recording gadget that eliminates common complications

There are many USB-style microphones available, but Cloudvocal’s Flashtrack has caught our attention due to its all-in-one capabilities; firstly it is capable of incredible audio quality, courtesy of its large diaphragm condenser capsule; but what makes this an efficient solution for sax players is that the microphone essentially has its built-in recording studio, such that all you need to do is plug it into your phone or other device, and start recording without the need for external software or plugins.  

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What makes Flashtrack stand out from the crowd is its use of built-in digital signal processors (DSP) and impulse response technology (IR) which allows users to adjust their sound, and effects, and simulate other iconic microphones instantly without external software or plugins.  Its intuitive control panel enables you to seamlessly toggle between microphone setups - a Ribbon, for precise bass, warm mids, and elegant highs; or a Dynamic, for that more classic sound of FM radio voices!

The combination of microphone, recording interface, and effector allows the user to simply plug into their phone or laptop via USB-C and start recording instantly.  Equally, the Flashtrack will allow a Bluetooth or AUX IN connection to allow the possibility for recording against a backing track or with a line instrument such as a keyboard or guitar. We are gearing this product towards sax players, but equally, it works across the board for other acoustic instruments, such as the acoustic guitar or voice.  Adding the appropriate reverb, compression, and EQ depending on your circumstances has been made extremely simple by Cloudvocal.  There are a number of go-to presets to toggle between, and equally it’s possible to set a ‘user-defined’ option for each of these effects.

Microphone specs

Within the Flashtrack is a high-quality 1-inch diameter condenser capsule capable of withstanding 130dB SPL. With its built-in 46dB low-noise preamplifier circuit, it captures the nuances and dynamics of your creations. The X-shaped silicone shock mount prevents the mic capsule from absorbing mechanical vibrations, which allows the microphone to be placed in various places. 

Effects settings

EQ: 3 presets + 1 user-defined mode 

There are 3 intuitive presets of EQ (WARM/CLEAR/BRIGHT) to begin with. For those who are looking for fine-tuning, there's also "MY EQ" for a six-band EQ adjustment.   

Compressor: 4 scenarios + 1 user-defined mode 

Cloudvocal’s R&D team has built 4 types of compressor settings to fit the 4 different scenarios. CAST+ for podcast and voice-over, PUNCH+ for emphasizing the punch and attack, SING+ for singing, and DYNA+ for instruments. If none of the above fits your needs, just go to "MY COMP". You can set threshold, ratio, gain, attack time, and release time to get the ideal compression for your content.    

Reverb: 5 types + 1 user-defined mode

There are 5 different settings of reverb to give you a different atmosphere. For advanced users, "MY REVERB" gives you the freedom to craft your reverb tone by setting parameters such as reverb type, tone, space, and blend.

Supplied with USB to USB-C Cable 

USB to USB-C or lighting adapter may be required depending on how you are connecting the device.


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