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We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!
We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!

Vintage-inspired design with modern production

The Rico Jazz Select has become one of the Worlds most popular reeds used by many of today's top Jazz musicians, so naturally when D'Addario announced the arrival of a new Jazz Select mouthpiece my interest was peaked. Excited to get my hands on one, my first impressions were that this seemed a tidily made mouthpiece. This isn't an expensive piece of kit, in at a very competitive price, but the table, window, and rails are very neatly done despite the lack of any hand finishing. As for how the piece would play and sound I was very much expecting another run-of-the-mill Meyer copy that was the ultimate balance of free-blowing meets brightness, but I was wrong. What hit me first was that this mouthpiece has a big sound, and I mean BIG. The sound colour was also not what I expected, a deep richness that leant more towards the dark 'link style' sound but still with the liveliness of a modern Meyer. Now I'm not the world's best alto player but even I was producing a full sound across the whole range of the horn with relative ease, even the low Bb was coming out at low volumes. I would highly recommend this mouthpiece to those looking for a meaty bop-style sound reminiscent of the likes of Parker and Cannonball and definitely the first stop for any budding jazz student. 


- Expertly-designed and made in the USA from foreign materials by a

team of top musicians and engineers

- Milled, not molded, from solid rod rubber, using D’Addario’s precise computer-controlled mouthpiece-making technology

- No hand finishing

- Medium chamber and facing length

- Available in three tip openings: 5, 6, and 7 


- Captures the classic sound and response of the most sought-after

vintage mouthpieces

- Even intonation across the entire range of the saxophone

- Exceptional versatility for all styles of jazz

- Ideal for the professional player or advancing student 

Review of the D’Addario Select Jazz D7M Mouthpiece

By Joel Vanderheyden

When my students ask me for recommendations on what jazz mouthpieces they should check out, I always feel the need to tread carefully. Ultimately, I tell them they need to play through several to find what suits them best. However, the mouthpiece market has become so flooded with options, that rather than send them searching for a needle in a haystack, I always feel inclined to rattle off a few brands that they might have some luck with.

Deep down, though, I’ve always felt that the “go to” brands for jazz saxophone mouthpieces have been mediocre at best. Occasionally, a nice vintage piece or customized piece will come along, but there is really a dearth of consistently excellent, consistently available, and consistently affordable mouthpieces out there. Thanks to the dedicated minds at D’Addario, this is finally about to change, and I couldn’t be more excited!

When I first played the D’Addario Select Jazz mouthpiece, I did a double take to make sure that I hadn’t accidentally put my favorite vintage Meyer back on my horn. That is how comfortable this piece feels right out of the box. The D7M seemed at once like an old friend, but was a thrill to test drive, as its unique personality began to reveal itself. Where other mouthpieces that I have tried in the past are bland and one-sided, the Select Jazz mouthpiece is loaded with nuance! The layers are truly something to behold, too. You can move from a subtone-infused “dry martini” sound, all the way up to an absolutely electrifying, face-melting overdrive.

The consistency of intonation all the way up and down the horn will satisfy even the most discriminating ears, and the core of the sound is rock solid. That said, I was particularly impressed with the flexibility of timbre in the upper range and altissimo. Softer dynamics up there had a beautiful warm glow that would fade into a sound with plenty of pop and harmonics as you increased the dynamic intensity.

The range of the throttle on this mouthpiece is seductive and addicting, making it a true tour de force of versatility. It is one of those few treasures that could convince some of my mouthpiece-hoarding friends to sell their giant boxes of pieces that they have for each playing situation. This one mouthpiece can do the work of ten!

The arrival of the Select Jazz mouthpiece is going to be a game-changer for a lot of people. You don’t have to wade through dusty trays of chewed-up, smoke-stained vintage mouthpieces anymore, searching in vain for the diamond in the rough. The diamond is here. It is excellent, it is available, it is affordable, and I will be recommending these to all my jazz saxophone students and friends.


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