François Louis Spectruoso - Tenor Sax Mouthpiece - Sphere Chamber

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This is a beautifully balanced sounding mouthpiece, and it feels like they have captured some of the qualities of the vintage mouthpieces of the past, such as the New York Meyer. The idea of the Sphere chamber is to give good presence to the middle range frequencies. In my opinion it achieves this very nicely, creating a buoyant, floaty kind of tone - the sound takes you in a Cannonball Adderley kind-of direction, with a definite leaning towards straight ahead or bebop jazz styles. In my opinion, it can also create enough edge to push the sound in more of a Kenny Garret direction! All in all, a great scope of tonal colour available! 

'A great new composite material.... inspired by finding a modern material that resonates like wood, with absolute consistency and more focus. A new design with beautifully mixed polished and sanded (matte) surfaces, with an inwards curve at the junction between the beak and the body of the mouthpiece and at the junction between shank and body.' 

PLEASE NOTE: Supplied without ligature- for use with alto hard rubber sized ligatures 

Tip Openings

T 235 Is a 2.35 mm tip opening (92/00") equivalent to the traditional "6" opening.

Combined with a medium facing length and a progressive facing curve. Very stable with enough flexibility to vary sound colors, fast response. Best fit with 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 reeds.


T 260 Is a 2.60 mm tip opening (102/00") equivalent to the traditional "7" opening.

Combined with a medium facing length and a soft facing curve. Great flexibility with a lot of projection and immediate response. Best fit with 2 1/2 to 4 reeds 

T 280 Is a 2.80 mm tip opening (110/00") equivalent to the traditional "8" opening.

Combined with a medium short facing length and a progressive facing curve. This is the "universal" mouthpiece: very stable, centered pitch, small enough to be playable by good amateurs and students, big enough to put real amount of air and be playable by professionals. Lots of projection with bottom on the attack of the note, very precise. virtually every reeds fit, from 1 1/2 to 5. 

T 285 Is a 2.85 mm tip opening (112/00") equivalent to the traditional "8/8*" opening. Combined with a medium long facing length and a soft facing curve. Due to the longer facing curve, it brings more resistance and takes more air.(This make it feel "bigger") The soft curve gives it a lot of flexibility. This is the best mouthpiece for the professional player that needs to use all possibilities of dynamics, sound colors and range in one mouthpiece., without having to struggle too hard on a real big mouthpiece. Best fit with 2 1/2 to 4 reeds. 

T 315 Is a 3.15 mm tip opening (124/00") equivalent to the traditional "9*" opening. Combined with a medium long facing length and a progressive facing curve. Very well balanced and efficient, it keeps a well centered pitch with flexibility, lot of projection and a big fat low range "à la Ben Webster". For the player who likes to blow a lot of air without loosing control. Best fit with 2 to 4 reeds. 

T 350 Is a 3.50 mm tip opening (137/00") equivalent to the traditional "10*" opening. Combined with a long facing length and a progressive facing curve. Enormous sound, flexibility, projection, very fat low range, for the player who needs a total freedom of expression and is prepared to put a lot of air, having developed a good control of the embouchure/air stream balance. Not for everybody but Wow! 


Whether on Tenor, Alto or Soprano saxophones, playing on my François Louis mouthpiece’s and Ligature’s give me the confidence to execute my ideas throughout my horns with my own personal sound in what ever ensemble setting I find myself in...

The quality and craftsmanship in his work is incomparable in todays market place...

François’ passion and developments are a constant is his new Soprano "Spectruoso" mouthpiece. Joe Lovano 

The François Louis “Spectruoso” Mouthpiece has a real soul and sound. François has made something that is easy to play in all registers and is flexible and full bodied. It meets today’s demands for projection without sacrificing quality of sound. Jerry Bergonzi 

Playing Francois Louis mouthpieces and ligatures on alto and soprano saxophones has given me the complete overall sound and depth that I’ve spent many years searching for on other mouthpieces.

It’s given me the freedom to produce my true voice and to speak like an individual. Truly personal, truly world class. Tony Kofi 

In the last more or less 20 years I’m using all kinds of Francois Louis Mouthpieces in different recordings and Live concert’s. Started on The Solid Silver, then the famous Wooden for years and this days the “Spectruos” . All of them have different character of course, but one thing never changes… they all ‘singing like a singer… wich effect is very importand for my way of playing, I’m a melody guy. Perfect mouthpiece to play lot’s of dynamic and stil stay’s in Tune,besides the Incredible reaction of phrasing.

Honestly… Ive been trying to replace the F.L. ligature few times, but everytime decided to come back because simply sounding the best. Gives the reed so much freedom to vibrate like no other ligature.

François is a real sound designer for the modern saxophone. Tony Lakatos

Saxophone Setup

All of our instruments are fully checked and set-up by our experienced technicians. Regardless of size or price - all saxophones go through the same process.   Here at we know that when you buy a sax, our pro set up is absolutley essential to ensure the instrument you're purchasing is playing to it's optimum peformance. 

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Our 12-Step Checkover:

• All transit packing and corks from the manufacturer are removed.
• Thorough visual check for any imperfections in the finish, includes unlacquered saxophones.
• All pads checked for quality.
• All pad seatings checked using leak lights and traditional feeler paper methods.
• Regulation checked and adjusted.
• All key corks and felts checked, adjusted to set vent heights.
• All spring tensions checked and adjusted to create an even feel across the instrument.
• Neck fitting checked.
• Crook cork checked for cork quality and provided mouthpiece fits.
• Thorough play-test from top to bottom, including alternate fingerings.
• Case inspected for quality, instrument fit and accessories.
• Instrument cleaned and carefully repacked.

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