Selmer Paris Signature Tenor Saxophone - Silver Plated


Completing the lineup of the modern Selmer range, the Signature is released!

Selmer are notorious for their rich tradition of producing classic saxophones over the years.  We have seen legendary models come and go, but one thing has always remained – the constant evolution.  The Signature is now part of that evolution, taking the Super Action 80 Series II and Series III saxophones, making improvements both acoustically and ergonomically, while benefitting from recent innovations applied to the Supreme model.

Drawing inspiration from the Series III

The Series III tenor has been an absolute favourite among professionals for many years now, so surely it would be a mistake to get rid of it?  That's why Selmer took the decision to take the best of this instrument and develop it further, applying all the latest innovations and improvements, thereby creating a perfect sax, particularly for those players who have loved playing the Series III.
Fundamentally, we have the same bore structure as the Series III, with a change in the diameter of the neck receiver for more precision and fullness of sound.  Beyond this we see many of the innovations from the Supreme including the new neck receiver system with a three-point concentric clamp.  The Signature has a strong aesthetic identity with its striking Art Deco engraving, paying homage to generations of Selmer Paris artisans and their various techniques over the decades.
If you have ever enjoyed a Series III tenor in the past you will absolutely love the Signature as it has the same sound identity, but with improved intonation, sound quality and ergonomics!

Acoustics, Mechanics and Ergonomics

The Signature brings us the same acoustic qualities the Series III - flexibility of sound, from dark sub-tones all the way through the spectrum to a much brighter timbre at peak volumes.   And furthermore, the increase of diameter at the neck receiver, along with the latest three-point concentric neck clamp, has added even more power and projection.
The Signature includes the new Octave key system with Teflon supports, offering a lighter action, and reduced wear-and-tear and noise.
Natural mother-of-pearl key inlays and leather pads with riveted metal resonators add class to the setup, while left and right-hand fine gold gilt metal thumb supports offer a refined feel and look at these crucial contact points. 


• Material: Brass
• Finish: Silver Plated
• Key Touches: White mother of pearl
• Neck: Selmer Signature
• Engraving: State-of-the-art machine engraving
• Case: Black ABS shell Signature case, designed by BAM
• Mouthpiece: Selmer Concept
• Made in: France
• Free Professional Set Up Free Check over within a Year
• Recommended for: All serious sax players

Staff Review

I was fortunate enough to pay another visit to the Selmer factory recently and I was struck by the many advances in technology beyond what I had witnessed on my only other visit, many years before this one.   For example, they have taken metrology to new heights using a 3D scanner to be able to judge slight variations from one part to another in order to be able to control consistency.  We now see much more automated control of machining tools.  The most impressive site was the use of a 'robot' to lay down the highly intricate engravings!  But at the other end of the scale, you could still witness traditional methods - the hand hammering of baritone bells for example!  Everywhere I looked I could see Signature saxes in various stages of production - it was an impressive site!
Selmer has now completely set out their stall for the years, or maybe decades, to come - they now have a three-tiered range, starting with the Axos, progressing to the Signature and culminating in the Supreme.  I think what is key to understand here is that Selmer is essentially recognising what has been hugely successful over many years and rather than starting over with a new design, they are making improvements on tried and tested models.  The Series II has always had a great sound on alto - now tuning and response is optimised; the Series III has always been the one on tenor - now acoustically improved too.  And then it makes sense to bring in some of those features included in the Supreme just to give them that extra finesse.
These are beautiful-sounding sound horns, with a perfect build and mechanism - there's really nothing to criticize.  All I can say is, come down to our store, give it a blow, and see if it speaks to you!

Jim Cheek


Optimized Production techniques:

More precise boring of the diameter of the neck entrance

Three-dimensional manufacturing check

Tone hole extruding machine for extruding by tone hole groups

All these elements ensure more consistency in the manufacturing process to reduce acoustic differences between instruments, even if subtle differences remain.


For better timbre and tuning

New neck bore

Reduction of the diameter of the low Bb and B key cups

Redefinition of the key heights

Modified diameters and locations of tone holes

New bell bore

Mechanics and Ergonomics

3-point concentric clamp for a better neck-to-body connection avoiding deformations of the clamp and tenon

The clamping ring of the socket is made of nickel silver, which brings density to this sensitive area. It is dissociated from the socket, which makes it possible to adjust its position.

The direct arm between the right-hand F# and F keys allows for a finer and more reliable adjustment

Octave key system with Teflon inside the sockets which lighten the action; It also limits play, noise and wear.

Lightening of the C# correction system by repositioning the double tone hole

New front F key design that is more easily accessible

Hinged toggle on left-hand pinky finger keys allows for greater ease of movement from one key to another

Redesigned shapes and placements of the side keys, facilitating fluid passage from one to the other

And additionally!

Realignment of the height of the left-hand mother-of-pearl keys offering a more natural finger position.

Shorter action of the right-hand pinky spatula keys (C/Eb)

Shorter action of the octave key

More natural and optimized position of the side F# key

Use of rollers within the key mechanism for greater fluidity 

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Jim takes a look at the Selmer Signature to see how it fits within the Selmer Range


Saxophones in the Signature range are distinguished by their specific lacquer color and intricate engraving. This engraving draws inspiration from the art of instrument making that has been practiced by Henri SELMER Paris since 1885. The engraving beautifully captures the essential components of saxophone. All of these elements are perfectly harmonized in the Art Deco style, which defined the era when the first SELMER saxophone was born in 1922. This unique aesthetic pays homage to the artisans whose skilled hands bring these marvelous instruments to life. The SIGNATURE alto and tenor saxophones offer a one-of-a-kind combination of artistry and craftsmanship."


Signature case: An exclusively designed case made especially for the Signature by BAM.

Concept mouthpiece
Selmer Paris Neck strap

Silk/microfibre textile
Body swab

Neck swab
Cork grease

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