Vandoren V16 Ebonite - Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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A new creation from Vandoren. Ebonite mouthpiece for jazz in the tradition of the famous American tenor saxophone mouthpieces of the fifties. Available in a variety of tip openings with either medium or large chambers.

• Material: Ebonite

• Made In: France

• Chamber: Medium or Large

• Baffle: Rollover

• Ligature: Not included

• Manufacturing Method: CNC milled, hand finished.

• Recommended for: Advancing students/professionals


Tip Openings 

T6 (2.50mm) A versatile mouthpiece with a long facing and a particularly rich sound.

T7 (2.70mm) A good compromise between easy sound production and timbre.

T8 (2.80mm) The most popular tip opening for the tenor. Only available with a medium chamber.

T8.5 (2.88mm) Full and compact. Only available with a large chamber.

T9 (2.94mm) Dynamic, rich and powerful.

T10 (3.05mm) A homogeneous, particularly responsive mouthpiece. Only available with a medium chamber.

T11 (3.40mm) Very open; warm, yet powerful. Only available with a medium chamber.


Vandoren Mouthpieces

What has impressed with the range of Vandoren mouthpieces is the quality and clarity of the sound produced. With good reeds and a good ligature these mouthpieces feel very comfortable to play and really help the sax player to maximise their potential. There are a wide variety to choose from whatever style of music you are into. They are professional quality mouthpieces in every way at an affordable price. 


Staff Reviews

A full warm and round sound with plenty of character. Clearly in the Otto Link vein but with a slightly smaller chamber which just allows for that extra bit of kick when you really give it some.

I tried out the T7 model and found the piece to have quite a bit of resistance due to the short facing curve, which gave me the flexibility to get that extra bit of volume when I needed it, without the high notes becoming too hard to control.

Still fairly easy to play all over the saxophone, despite the resistance, and a great piece for those seeking a flexible Jazz piece that could do the quartet gigs and the Big Band solos.

This is a 'piece that is well suited to lead tenor playing in a big band. It has an open chamber and has a West Coast 'cool jazz' feel. Very responsive, easy to control & full sounding in all registers. I liked Java 2 and V16 reeds with this 'piece.

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