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We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!
We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!

Saxophone Ligatures

A decent ligature can make a sizeable difference to your sound and responsiveness from your reed and mouthpiece. When comparing between a basic brass ligature and any of the more premium products, the difference you can feel in both playability and comfortability is staggering.  Material ligatures like Rovners and Silversteins work very well with metal mouthpieces. Metal ligatures can be more fiddly to use, but they release the upper frequencies and let the reed resonate very freely, which works especially well with stuffier, darker mouthpieces.

Aurally, the differences between the ligatures are going to be very slight, but the feeling and response from the reed will vary wildly.


  • Silverstein HEXA A-Frame Champagne Gold Ligature


    6 cords Ultimate tonal control with increased resistance Warmer tones Stronger Projection Better responsiveness during register changes Fast and P...

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  • Vandoren Klassik string ligature for alto LC37P


    Vandoren Klassik German design woven fabric ligature. A rich and supple woven ligature, that works together with the reed and mouthpiece to enhanc...

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  • Francois Louis Level Expander for Ultimate & Pure Brass Ligatures


    Owners of special, thinner, custom made mouthpieces may find it difficult to bring the pressure plate into perfect contact with the reed. To solve ...

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  • Francois Louis Ligature Pressure Plate Kit

    from £11.00

    Three additional plates to customise your Francois Louis ligature. Stainless steel for a free, light & flexible sound with a quick response. So...

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  • Theo Wanne Pressure Plates (Set of 4)


    Create an incredible new sound utilising our new line of pressure plates. The variations in your tone will astound and delight you! This 4 Piece P...

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  • BG Revelation Silver Jazz Ligature for Ebonite Alto Mouthpieces L12RSJ


    Revelation Silver Jazz -The soloist ligature: Exceptional radiance, a more brilliant and compact sound due to the silver plating, easy staccato. F...

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  • Francois Louis Smart Cap


    Fl Smart Cap

  • FAXX Slim Bari Sax Strap Ligature


    Basic replacement ligature to fit standard plastic/hard rubber baritone mouthpieces. Supplied without cap

  • Francois Louis Ultimate Ligature - Soprano

    from £68.00

    François Louis designs custom mouthpieces for Joe Lovano, Bob Berg, Dave Sanchez, Chris Potter , Tim Ries and many other Great Saxophone Players. ...

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  • BG Super Revelation Ligature for Ebonite Mouthpieces

    from £48.99

    The soloist ligature: Exceptional radiance, a more brilliant and compact sound due to the gold plating, easy staccato. Fabric with gold plated met...

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  • BG Tradition Ligature - Gold Lacquer


    The soloist ligature. A brilliant and colourful sound. Free blowing.  All sizes are for "standard 'fat' ebonite" size mouthpieces, such as Otto Li...

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  • BG Tradition Ligature - Gold Plated


    The soloist's ligature : Brilliant and colorful sound. Free blowing and richer sound with in 24 gold plating  Please note: the baritone version is...

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  • Selmer Paris Silver Plated Mouthpiece Cap

    from £22.00

    Selmer Paris Saxophone Cap.  Silver Plated. Works best with the Selmer Paris Ligatures.

  • Vandoren Leather Ligatures - Plastic Cap


    The single screw on top of the ligature, in gold-gilded tightens the ligature evenly and precisely. Made of high quality genuine leather, carefull...

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  • Rico Ligature (With Cap) - Nickel Silver - Alto - RAS1N


    The Rico ligature was designed to provide excellent response and function at an affordable price. It features a four-point system that applies equa...

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  • BG Duo Ligature for Tenor Saxophone

    from £99.00

    The BG Duo Ligature is a slick, easily adjusted and has with excellent resonance, tonal quality and control. Fits all standard ebonite tenor  mout...

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  • Rovner Platinum Ligature For Ebonite Mouthpieces


    Looking more like artistic jewelry then a woodwind accessory, this new ligature utilizes Rovner's exclusive Mass Loaded TM technology featuring we...

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  • Vandoren Optimum Ligature - Pink Gold


    Precise and rapid tightening; a unique double-track screw mechanism tightens both sides of the ligature equally. - Vertical and symmetrical tighte...

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  • Theo Wanne Mouthpiece Cap


    NEW! Finally a proprietary cap for new Theo Wanne mouthpieces, designed and manufactured by Theo, to protect the mouthpiece with reed on.    “We kn...

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  • Lawton Replacement Ligature


    These ligatures are direct replacements of the Lawton style ligature to fit on genuine Lawton mouthpieces. Special order so please allow 2-3 weeks ...

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  • Silverstein - Omnicap

    from £16.50

    Patented mouthpiece cap - fits all types of mouthpieces and ligatures - Small enough to fit in a narrow case - Works with or without a reed affixe...

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