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We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!
We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!

10MFan have stepped up their game with the introduction of the Generation II models, offer a smoother and more dialled-in sound than ever before. An incredible jazz mouthpiece that suits those players who prefer a piece that has that vintage blow and feel. Warm, full, focussed and even blowing throughout the range. 

This mouthpiece has been designed to respond to those players who love the sound of vintage pieces and find it hard to switch to modern pieces – the idea is that the natural core tone has a retained and focussed feel, and when pushed it doesn’t go particularly bright, like a lot of mouthpieces do. In this sense the tone is even through the range, and even through the dynamics. Mark Sepunick, the designer, tells us that he is largely satisfying those players who operate in a Link vein (large round chamber and very slightly undercut sidewalls), but he states that it goes further than these pieces: "it's got more juice than a Slant and easily as much as any Early Babbit, but again with a beautiful powerful warmth and fullness." 

The new mouthpiece craftsman behind 10M Fan mouthpieces has returned to more traditional facing curves, tip rails and side rails (not quite so thin at the tip) and this is resulting in less unwanted ‘buzz’ overall. What’s left is a classic full-bodied warmth with plenty of scope to play with volume and power. This mouthpiece is defined as one of 10M Fan’s ‘Focussed’ options (as opposed to ‘Spread’) and it sits in the middle category, which is to say ‘Powerful, classic sounding, focussed, open sounding piece with extra punch and a freer blow’. 


• Material: German bar stock Ebonite

• Made In: USA

• Chamber: Large

• Baffle: Rollover

• Ligature: Not included

• Manufacturing Method: CNC machined and hand finished

• Recommended for: Jazz Professionals 

Staff Review

"This is a special creation from 10M Fan. Of course all his pieces are great and offer something special in their own right, but this one really taps into that Vintage ideology perfectly. If you like to maintain an integrity of tone, without getting lairy and bold then this piece is for you. If you like depth, focus and warmth, then this piece is for you!" - Jim Cheek (

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