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We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!
We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!

New Alto Mouthpiece from Aizen in 2015, the GR model takes its place in the pro mouthpiece lineup with the benefit of years of technical study and development.

From master mouthpiece maker and Aizen founder Minoru Kubota:

"To make this, we analyzed and broke down the sound of the master alto saxophonist Paul Desmond’s mouthpieces.

This piece combines superb playability with the warmth and softness of Paul Desmond’s sound.

With its slightly curved side wall, low baffle and medium chamber, this piece puts out a rich, dark, warm sound.

It’s also designed for outstanding ease of play, with no feeling of stress. The ASGR Alto Sax Mouthpiece works with all kinds of playing styles. Especially in the middle and higher range, this mouthpiece gets you producing that beautiful dry-Martini Paul Desmond sound." 

Staff Review

I was actually quite surprised how much like Desmond's sound it was. The piece is actually very resistant I found, even going to a soft reed on a 6 was still a hard push, which gave it that dry dark sound that Gregorys were famous for. It also accounts for the very centered and focused core it gives, almost like a classical mouthpiece, but the sound around that was much larger with more projection. It is also has quite a lot of top end in the sound as well, not necessarily brightness, but this edge that just floats at the top of the sound which really brings out the top notes. Also the profile of the beak of the mouthpiece is quite thin, like a Berg Larsen, Selmer Concept or Lebayle AT etc, and the tip rail is astoundingly thin which should make for great performance. Interesingly I usually suggest either trying a tip opening larger than normal on an Aizen but I definitely wouldn't try that with this one. Overall an interesting piece, which will have the 'Take 5 sound'.

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