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We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!
We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!

An exact replica of the mouthpiece played by Brandford Marsalis, it has a large bore/ chamber and a moderate baffle. It’s ideal for playing mainstream Jazz With the “harder” sound Brandford made famous. 

All handmade Guardala models are constructed by Nadir Ibrahimoglu, the former workshop colleague of the legendary mouthpiece guru- Dave Guardala. Building on his skill learn with Guardala Nadir has continued with the classic designs as well as introducing several new variations of his own. 

This sort of construction is very labour intensive, but the overall quality is without peer. Cosmetically the appearance is much smoother with no cut marks, facilitating better airflow throughout the piece. As a result, in our tests we’ve found it's more complex, richer with additional harmonics. Difficult to put your finger on exactly why or what is going on, but is it worth it......ooh yes! 

Tip opening 114 thou (8*) 

Dave Guardala

We've recently had visits from leading UK players Simon Bates (Superking) and Graham Turner (King) both of whom have old & fairly worn handmade Guardala mouthpieces. Their reaction was the same after playing these new ones, " Wow! that's how my mouthpiece used to play!"

Guardala never offered a choice of tip openings or publicised their size. The idea was that to achieve the desired result it had to be a set tip opening and that a different opening would change the characteristics. We've measured them so here are the four models in ascending order of brightness: New Crescent = 8, MBII = 8*, King = 9, Superking = 9* 

Don't be put off if you think they're too open for you as they're so free blowing. I would never play more than a 7 in any other make and I can comfortably play any of them. We recently supplied a Superking to John Long (Head of Music at St Bede's School) and his usual choice is for a 6*.

These are arguably the best metal tenor sax mouthpieces ever.

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