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Experience Exceptional Projection, Versatility, and Fullness with the JodyJazz DV HR in Hard Rubber

Introducing the sensational Jody's new DV HR alto mouthpiece! Immerse yourself in the extraordinary sound that captured the hearts of musicians with the metal DV line, now crafted with hard rubber to achieve a profound and rich undertone.

The JodyJazz DV has been one of the leading mouthpieces on the scene for many years, famous for its beautiful free-blowing tone and its unique secondary window that gives so much extra resonance in the mids and lows,  The fact that it is now made in hard rubber will open it up to all those players who love the feel and sound of this material.  Additionally, hard rubber adds EVEN MORE warmth to the sound beyond what is possible on the metal version.

The patented 'secondary window' appears on all DV's and its formula is derived from the golden mean proportions that are found in nature.  This aspect of the design is so fundamental in creating the additional resonance that you can feel eminating from this mouthpiece when you play it.  In addition to this, the facing curve proportions on the DV HR are also inspired by the golden mean, adding to that feeling of optimal response. 

And it doesn't end there!  The DV HR also features a stylized gold-plated brass ring on the shank of the mouthpiece. The brass ring adds more mass on the shank of the mouthpiece which results in increased stability, more body in the sound and increased harmonics.

With the new DV HR Alto model, JodyJazz is also introducing its newest bite plate technology.  The DV HR Alto is the first JodyJazz hard rubber mouthpiece to feature a bite plate embedded into the beak of the mouthpiece. The plate features the iconic ‘Phi’ symbol logo in gold, a characteristic of the classic DV series, completing the stunning look of this new mouthpiece. The new bite plate is not only beautiful but is also functional however we do recommend using a mouthpiece cushion on top of the bite plate for comfort of the player and longevity of the bite plate.

We recommend

Although the DV HR comes with out a ligature we would recommend that you try combining it with the JodyJazz Power Ring (AS1 size) for added power and weight of sound.  Much of this power comes from the additional mass that is present in the latest Power Rings. They are also designed with a concave internal shaping such that there are only two points of contact with the reed, allowing the maximum amount of reed vibration while offering huge additional resonance to the whole setup.

Staff Review

A few days ago I was in the company of Jody Espina whilst he delivered a workshop to a group of aspiring sax players and I noticed that he was playing his new DV HR alto piece.  I didn't realise for a few hours that this was his choice of gear and I just assumed it was one of his previous HR options due to the all-round nature of his sound.  But of course, the sound that he actually delivered did everything - it had body, depth, layers and it could shout and pop when directed.

Having now tried it myself I could experience all this for myself.  When you play it you can heavily relate the sound to that of the DV metal, but equally it feels like something else; there's a kind of texture and earthiness that you can draw out, which can turn to pure razz when you absolutely push it.  And even when doing so, the central core of the mouthpiece remains true.  And I think it's worth reminding people of the fundamental point here -  that this mouthpiece gives the alto player who is used to/doesn't want to shift from the standard feel of hard rubber proportions in his or her mouth but wishes to experience the excitement of the DV.  This is great thinking on the part of Jody Espina.

Jim Cheek

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Join Jim and mouthpiece virtuoso Jody Espina as they embark on a riveting journey into the world of revolutionary DV mouthpiece designs!

Jody Jazz Mouthpieces

JodyJazz make some of the world’s finest Saxophone mouthpieces. Featuring exclusive patented designs, ground-breaking innovations and state of the art manufacturing techniques, their mouthpieces are the choice of many of the world’s foremost sax players including Kirk Whalum, George Garzone, Tom Scott, JD Allen, Don Braden, Jeff Coffin and Andy Snitzer.

Each mouthpiece is individually hand-crafted in the USA to the strictest quality standards and with the highest possible attention to detail.

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