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We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!
We ship Worldwide - Straight to your door with no hidden costs!

Otto Link Metal - Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece


Otto Link 24k gold plated metal mouthpieces combine gleaming good looks with the rich sound quality of a larger bore rubber mouthpiece for exceptional style and sound. A wide selection of facings offer superior tone quality and projection with complete control, making Otto Link a top choice of professionals.

The popular Super Tone Master-bell metal Otto Link tenor sax mouthpiece has been selected by artists for over 50 years to capture and hold professional quality sounds.

This is the 'standard' for those who like their jazz mellow with a bit of an edge. It has been my favourite for years. I play a size 6. The * has a slightly wider tip opening which allows more air in and assists in creating a bigger sound, although I found it a little less easy to control. All the Otto Link metal have a similar sound, nice big, round chamber, and a low baffle, which allows for very expressive playing. Try this mouthpiece with a BG Revelation Jazz ligature which is specially designed for the Otto Link mouthpieces- it makes a big difference and allows for greater expression 

"Very much the default mouthpiece for a large proportion of tenor players. A quite neutral mouthpiece allowing a player great potential to shape their own sound. Harmonically these pieces are extremely well balanced- a full core tone with, well, as much or as little 'edge' as a player applies (excellent for recording). The stock ligatures- though adequate- can definitely be improved on for ease of use and response. Anything which puts metal in contact with the reed rather than leather is recommended- as such BG revelation Jazz models, Rovner Versa or Francois Louis all work well." 

Otto Link Mouthpieces

Otto Link started as a repair technician in the William S. Haynes flute company in Boston, Massachusetts, in the 1920s. In the early 1930s he moved to 117 West 48th street in New York City to start his own mouthpiece business. During the 1950s he briefly moved to Freeport on Long Island, NY, before moving his business to Pompano Beach, Florida in the late 1950s. He later sold the company to Ben Harrod who continued to produce and hand finish mouthpieces under the Otto Link name during the 1960s/70s. Today, Otto Link mouthpieces are produced and distributed by the J.J. Babbitt company in Elkhart, Indiana.

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