Retro Revival Tru Slant Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

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Retro Revival have re-created the infamous Slant Sig Otto Link Tone Edge with painstaking accuracy. These classic mouthpieces were made in Florida in the 1950’s and set the benchmark for that classic hard rubber tenor sound, warm and full bodied, yet with projection and power built in too. Using the finest examples of original pieces and combining with modern CAD technology/CNC milling Retro Revival have made these classic pieces available to everyone once again! 

The ‘Slant Signature’ of the 50’s was a development of the Reso chamber that came before it, and in this sense it had a higher rollover baffle but pretty much contained all of the same characteristics. The sound development just takes it a step further into the more contemporary direction, allowing the player to project a little more, but still retain a huge core and warmth to the sound.

Joel Peskin, founder of Retro Revival mouthpieces, states on his website: ‘When Otto Link re-located to Elkhart IN with their remaining mouthpiece blanks and tooling, the Tone Edge remained excellent for some time, but something happened to the quality and playability. The ‘Tone Edge’ lost its mojo, most likely due to the quality control and changes in manufacturing. Our ‘True-Slant’ is a recreation of the best version of the ‘Slant’ from the good old days…’ 

He goes on to say ‘It is our intention to earn your trust by offering the real deal. No hype, exaggerated claims and cliché sales gimmickry. Our intended goal is to offer affordable vintage replica mouthpieces that we would actually use and love to play! To our highest standards, we are committed to play testing every mouthpiece, and with great pride, we are confident that sax players from every age and level of experience will feel and hear the special qualities of our ‘Super D’ Tenor, the ‘New Yorker’ Alto, and other classic Retro Revival replicas soon to come.’ 


• Material: High quality German Bar Rubber

• Made In: California, USA

• Chamber: Medium/large

• Baffle: Rollover

• Ligature: Rico H Lig

• Manufacturing Method: CNC milled, hand finished

• Recommended for: Advancing students/professionals – jazz and beyond


"This is the fattest sounding Slant I have ever tried! There is so much body and smokiness, true warmth, yet clarity and definition at the same time. It is also capable of a huge dynamic range. It has a nice steady resistance, allowing you to move around the horn without losing energy. If Hard Rubber is your thing, this mouthpiece should be top of your list!" - Jim (

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